All ticket types on sale!

Receive your ticket to Kivra without delivery charges and enjoy special benefits!

By choosing the digital mailbox service Kivra as the method of delivery for your ticket, you will get free ticket delivery and special benefits before and during Ruisrock. Ruisrock will e.g. announce the program schedule to all the people who receive their tickets in Kivra before anyone else, and you can also enjoy benefits and discounts during the festival. Kivra keeps your ticket safe and easily accessible whenever you need it, including offline.

Read more about Kivra on their website and download the free app on your phone from the app store.

Hotel packages

Ruisrock’s hotel packages include hotel accommodation for two or three nights and a three-day Ruisrock ticket for each guest. Book hotel accommodation from this link.

Ticket terms and conditions

Ruisrock’s official ticket partner is Tiketti. Ruisrock cannot guarantee that tickets purchased from third parties are valid, with the exception of the LiputOn service provided by Tiketti where the validity of the ticket can be verified. Ruisrock is not responsible for lost tickets.

Ruisrock tickets are not exchanged for wristbands, and tickets are scanned at the gate on each day of the festival. Since we try to keep our environmental impact in the area to a minimum, a ticket grants you entry to the festival area only once a day. The only exception is Ruisrock Plus and VIP tickets, which are exchanged for wristbands.

Ruisrock tickets may not be raffled, and the festival brand may not be used in company marketing unless you have a separate agreement with the festival organizer.

Ruisrock complies with official guidelines and regulations when organizing the festival. By purchasing a ticket for the event, you agree to provide the required verifications. These verifications can include, for example, official ID when entering the restaurant area or a COVID certificate, if required by the authorities.

Changes may occur in the festival program and other arrangements, and information on these will be provided without delay.

Click here to read more about Ruisrock’s age limits.

Click here to see the full terms and conditions of the festival.