Next Ruisrock will be celebrated 8–10 July 2022 in Ruissalo, Turku.

All ticket types for Ruisrock 2022 are now for sale at Tiketti.


Ruisrock 2021 and 2020 tickets are valid at Ruisrock 2022. The last return date for 2021 and 2020 tickets was on 22.6.2021.

Ruisrock follows the instructions and regulations of the authorities when organizing the festival. When you purchase a ticket for the event, you agree to present a valid Covid-19 certificate, if it is required to attend the event. The organizer of the event is not obliged to refund the ticket price if the customer is unable to prove the required Cover-19 certificate.

The ticket allows you to enter the festival area once per day so that the natural park of Ruissalo will be disturbed as little as possible.

We recommend that you buy your tickets directly from the Ruisrock website or Tiketti. The only resale ticket vendor we recommend is We cannot guarantee the authenticity of tickets bought from other than these vendors.

The event organizer will not liable for missing tickets. It is prohibited to give away Ruisrock tickets in raffles or use the festival brand for company marketing purposes unless this has been specifically agreed upon with the festival organizer.

If you have problems with your tickets, please contact our ticket seller Tiketti.

We reserve the right to changes.