Terms and conditions of the festival

Terms and conditions of the festival

The purpose of the terms and conditions concerning Ruisrock is to clearly describe the rights and responsibilities of festival participants. Compliance with these terms and conditions is an important part of Ruisrock: together, we can create a successful festival that is safe for everyone, right from the moment you purchase your ticket.

By purchasing a Ruisrock ticket, you agree to certain terms and conditions, including the ticket terms and conditions, the safety policy and the Ruisrock festival etiquette. The ticket terms and conditions can be found on the event page of Ruisrock’s official ticket vendor, Tiketti, and on this website.

How to use your ticket

The official ticket partner of Ruisrock is Tiketti, and we recommend you only use Tiketti’s services to purchase your ticket. One person can purchase a maximum of four tickets. Ruisrock cannot guarantee that tickets purchased from third parties are valid, with the exception of the LiputOn service provided by Tiketti where the validity of the ticket can be verified. Ruisrock is not responsible for lost tickets.

Ruisrock tickets are not exchanged for wristbands, and tickets are scanned at the gate on each day of the festival. A ticket grants you entry to the festival area only once a day. This does not apply to Ruisrock Plus or VIP tickets, which are exchanged for wristbands before entering the festival area.

Ruisrock tickets may not be raffled, and the festival brand may not be used in company marketing unless you have a separate agreement with the festival organizer.

Ruisrock complies with official guidelines and regulations when organizing the festival. By purchasing a ticket for the event, you agree to provide the required verifications. These verifications can include, for example, official ID when entering the restaurant area or a COVID certificate, if required by the authorities.

Age limits

Ruisrock has no age limit. However, we recommend that children under 14 attend the festival with a guardian. Children under 9 may attend the festival free of charge when accompanied by their guardian. The age of a child under 9 must be proven either with an identity card or another written document. If you do come to Ruisrock with a child, please given them a safe, intoxicant-free festival experience. When you prioritize the child’s needs at the festival, please pay attention especially to the time of day and the size of the festival crowd.

Some of the services at Ruisrock have an age limit. Parts of the Ruisrock program are organized in areas which are over 18 only, in addition to which all the VIP areas and the areas where alcohol is served are over 18 only.

Changes to arrangements

Ruisrock reserves the right to changes in the festival program, the schedules and other arrangements. In accordance with the common practice in the industry, the festival is seen to be made up of several artists, art and experiences, so the cancellation of an individual artist is not grounds for ticket returns or refunds.

The festival will be organized despite the weather, so rain or the temperature, for example, are not grounds for ticket returns or refunds.

If the event is cancelled entirely by the organizer, tickets may be returned or postponed for next year.

Photography and video

In the Ruisrock area, still photos and videoclips are shot for the festival’s communication and marketing.


Safety policy

Ruisrock will publish the full list of permitted and prohibited items in the festival area closer to the festival. However, the final decision on the safety of an item will be made by the security stewards at the entrance to the festival during the security check. Prohibited items include alcohol, drugs and any items that can be used to cause injury, such as edged and bladed weapons.

The laws of Finland are in force in the festival area, and any individuals who are a threat to public order and security can be removed from the festival area. An individual can also be removed from the festival area if their personal safety is at risk, for instance due to their state of intoxication.

Festival etiquette

Ruisrock is an inclusive festival that complies with the safer space principles. By purchasing a ticket to the festival, you agree to follow the festival etiquette. Ruisrock immediately addresses any incidents of harassment that are reported to the organizer. Violating the festival etiquette may be grounds for being removed from the festival.

Take care

Take care of yourself and others – dare to care!

Respect others

Respect different people and cultures. No inappropriate behaviour, harassment or discrimination of any kind will be tolerated at Ruisrock.

Offer help

Help those in need and address inappropriate behaviour. If you find it difficult to intervene, you should contact the nearest security steward or other festival staff.

Remember consent

Remember mutual consent in all interactions. Ask for permission to touch.

Celebrate responsibly

Take care of your friends, enjoy the festival with respect for others, remember to drink water and know your limits.

Protect nature

Respect the nature of Ruissalo: place your rubbish in the bin and use the toilet.

Let everyone celebrate in peace

Everyone has the right to enjoy the festival safely and as themselves – please contribute to public safety and encourage your friends to do the same.

Thank you for complying will all the terms and conditions of the Ruisrock festival. Together, we can build a festival that is safe for everyone and has a clear policy.

Ruisrock reserves the right to changes in the terms and conditions of the festival.