Corporate Tickets

Now is the time to buy corporate tickets for Ruisrock in the summer of 2023!

Treat your colleagues or clients to the most wonderful weekend of the summer, full of music, joy and friendship! Ruisrock is one of the biggest and oldest cultural events in Finland. Known for its magical atmosphere, the festival will be celebrated in Turku, in the scenic Kansanpuisto Park of Ruissalo, 7–9 July 2023.

Every year, Ruisrock features a wide range of up-and-coming artists, huge international headliners and some of the hottest names right now – not to mention first-class services. The festival takes its visitors on a weekend trip to another world, full of joy, friendship and freedom. Ruisrock exists so that there would be more joy and happiness in the world.

Festival tickets

The one-, two- and three-day tickets for Ruisrock give you the chance to experience a versatile music and art program, the seaside charm of Ruissalo and the ever so beautiful Ruisrock and its services. The festival exists to bring joy, happiness and memorable experiences for its visitors.

Ruisrock has no age limit. However, some of the program takes place in areas that are over 18 only, and the bar areas are for adults only.

Regular festival tickets are not exchanged for wristbands and the tickets are scanned at the gate on each day of the festival. Read more here.

Ruisrock Plus and VIP

Ruisrock Plus and VIP tickets (18+) offer a unique way to experience the festival and the natural beauty of Ruissalo. In addition to the broad art and music program and services at the festival, Ruisrock’s Plus and VIP customers are entitled to exclusive services in separate VIP areas where they can enjoy a versatile range of food and beverages and take a moment to relax between acts in comfortable lounging areas.

Ruisrock Plus tickets

Ruisrock Plus tickets (18+) include the full music and art program of the festival, all the festival services and entry into the two VIP areas. The areas also have exclusive restaurants and licensed venues and flush toilets for VIP and Plus guests, and the package also includes free bicycle parking.

The buyer of a Ruisrock Plus ticket also gets a personal festival pass and wristband that entitles them to leave the festival site and return within the same day. Ruisrock Plus tickets do not include water bus transportation, food or beverages. Read more here.

VIP tickets

Ruisrock VIP tickets (18+) include the full music and art program of the festival, all the festival services and entry into the two VIP areas. The buyer of a VIP ticket also gets a personal festival pass and wristband that entitles them to leave the festival site and return within the same day. The package also includes water bus transportation from the center of Turku to Ruissalo and back, exclusive restaurant and beverage services for VIP guests, lounging areas and flush toilets. VIP tickets do not include food or beverages. Read more here.

Your Ruisrock Plus and VIP journey will begin at the Ruisrock accreditation point in the center of Turku where you will receive your personal wristband and pass before arriving at the festival site.

Food and drink tickets

Food and drink tickets offer a stress-free way to enjoy faster service, reward your employees or treat your customers to a delicious experience. Corporate customers have an exclusive chance to buy value tickets and drink tickets that are valid in the wide selection of restaurants in the VIP areas. More information about this will be available later this spring. We will communicate about it as the spring progresses, and Ruisrock’s corporate sales team will contact all those who bought a corporate ticket.

Ruisrock tickets and corporate sales

All Ruisrock tickets are available to corporate customers. You can choose from regular festival tickets or Ruisrock Plus and VIP tickets.

Ruisrock 2023 Prices:

Festival ticket 3 days €225
Festival ticket 2 days €205
Festival ticket 1 day Fri or Sun €125
Festival ticket 1 day Sat €135

Ruisrock Plus ticket 3 days €330
Ruisrock Plus ticket 1 day Fri or Sun €195
Ruisrock Plus ticket 1 day Sat €220

VIP ticket 3 days €450
VIP ticket 1 day Fri or Sun €240
VIP ticket 1 day Sat €280

The prices include 10% value added tax.

Ticket delivery

Corporate customers receive their tickets shortly after booking them. As a corporate customer, you can choose either e-mail or the free digital mailbox service Kivra as the method of delivery for your tickets. Kivra offers free ticket delivery and special benefits before and during Ruisrock; the service also ensures that your tickets are kept safe, including offline. Read more about Kivra here. Read more about the delivery options here

Ticket payment methods

Corporate customers can choose from a wide range of payment options. You can choose e-invoicing or a payment link, which allows you to pay for your tickets e.g. by credit or debit card or an e-mail invoice. Read more about the payment options here

Terms for ticket sales

Ruisrock tickets may not be raffled, and the festival brand may not be used in company marketing. Ticket raffles are only permitted to the official partners of Ruisrock under individual agreements.

Contact information of corporate sales

You can reach the Ruisrock corporate sales team at The sales team serves corporate customers on weekdays 9 am – 5 pm. You can also contact the team by phone, +358 600 1 1616 (€1.78 min + local network rate).