Hope Intertwined (“Toivonpunokset”) is a community art piece created by Riikka Kupsala and Jone Mutka in cooperation with Ruisrock. The giant installation, a mix of rya rug and cross-stitch, was inspired by the idea of gathering together people’s thoughts and opinions on what they need right at this moment: what does the world need right now?

The three-part piece engages both this year’s festivalgoers and the visitors to Taiteen talo in Turku in making the installation; visitors can add their thoughts to the piece already before the festival. 

Everyone is welcome to come and create this community art piece at Taiteen talo in Turku during the opening hours of the building. In addition to the open community art workshop, there will be a workshop that anyone can join on Friday, 1 July, where artist Jone Mutka will teach visitors how to create the piece. This work will continue at the festival.

The piece will be made almost entirely from recycled materials. After the festival, the materials will be reused in the artists’ own projects.