The Bro’s Burger

The Bro’s Burger

Vegetarian, Vegan, Food, Meat, Gluten-free

The Bro’s Burger is a burger truck that brings juicy burgers to you at Ruisrock! The burger truck serves charcoal grilled burgers, sides and cold beverages. You can find your personal favorite at Bro’s, no matter if you are an omnivore, vegan, vegetarian or have celiac disease. We always use premium ingredients in our burgers. We recommend our classic burger, Bro’s & Bacon. It’s the perfect festival burger, because the flavor combinations are carefully crafted, the ingredients are unique and the burger is guaranteed to satisfy your hunger. See you at Ruisrock!

Dietary symbols:
(G) Gluten-free, (L) Lactose-free, (VL) Low-lactose, (V) Vegetarian / lacto-ovo, (Veg) Vegan


  • The Bro’s Bacon (L)

    Japanese milk bun, Finnish beef steak, bacon, mature cheddar, home-made kimchi, Bro’s secret sauce

    13 €

  • B & B Vegan (Veg)

    Bun, crispy vegetable steak, mayonnaise, fried onion, marinated daikon and rocket

    13 €

  • Fries (G, L)

    Served with parmesan and truffle mayonnaise

    7,5 €