Meikkistudio ElinaK

Meikkistudio ElinaK

Festival Services

Meikkistudio ElinaK is a specialist in makeup art and beauty! The studio works with years of professional experience and with a big heart and a twinkle in the eye! ElinaK loves everything that glitters and glitter is what you’ll find if you visit our stand. Our motto is ‘more is more’!

In addition to glitter makeup and skin diamonds, our selection contains gorgeous silk flower wreaths and temporary tattoos that look just like the real thing! Welcome to glam up your festival look at our stand! Glitter bar is open! 


  • Glitter makeup

    10-20 €

  • Skin diamonds

    10-15 €

  • Temporary tattoos

    15-20 €

  • Flower wreaths

    Including an ALL-IN option!

    20-30 €

  • Glitter hair pins

    5-10 €

  • Magnetic lashes

    10 €

  • Lipsticks & lip glosses

    10 €/pc