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Levant specializes in Syrian and Lebanese cuisine. The meze plates and grilled falafel rolls represent some of the typical foods from the region and give you a taste of traditional Middle Eastern flavors and fresh herbs. Our vegetarian dishes are rich in flavor and they are fresh and made by us from start to finish. Our dishes are light, but filling! The dishes can be made gluten-free / vegan.

Dietary symbols:
(G) Gluten-free, (L) Lactose-free, (VL) Low-lactose, (V) Vegetarian / lacto-ovo, (Veg) Vegan


  • Grilled falafel avocado roll (L, V)

    13 €

  • Grilled chicken shawarma roll (L)

    14 €

  • Meze plate (V)

    A selection of Levant's most popular mezes

    14 €

  • Meze plate with chicken

    15 €

  • Homemade ginger-lime juice

    4 €