Experiences, Festival Services

Intuitiolla is a one-women brand whose mission is to make spirituality and astrology colorful, inspiring and fun. The stand at Ruisrock gives you a chance to learn about the fascinating world of astrology and have your astrology birth chart read. The reading focuses on whatever questions are relevant to you at the time.

The stand also sells charming temporary tattoos whose main themes are astrological signs and symbols. You can come to the stand exactly as you are, without fear of being judged! You can recognize the stand by the pink neon lights. You are most warmly welcome!


  • Quick astrological reading 20 min

    35 €

  • Astrology-themed temporary tattoos

    2-4 €/pc

  • Astrotarot reading 30 min

    Combination of birth chart reading + tarot

    50 €