Ilves x Ruisrock

Ilves x Ruisrock

VIP Services, Vegetarian, Vegan, Food, Meat, Fish, Sweet and salty treats, Gluten-free

In addition to the stage, Ruisrock artists will also be showing off their skills on the plate, as all the dishes at Ravintola Ilves X Ruisrock are designed by this summer’s performers! Ellinoora, Jesse Markin, Olavi Uusivirta, Sofa, Vesta and Younghearted have created dishes for the restaurant’s menu. 

The restaurant offers a quiet space in the Ranta VIP area where you can relax and enjoy a carefully curated menu. The sit-down restaurant has a comprehensive selection of drinks, which the knowledgeable staff will be happy to advise you on.

The artist menus were created in collaboration with the legendary Ravintola Ilves, which has been operating in conjunction with the famous Tavastia Club since 1932 and is a preferred hangout among many musicians and music lovers.

You can skip the queue and book your table in advance. The restaurant will be taking reservations both before and during the festival, and you can make a reservation for yourself or for a larger group. You can book your table on TableOnline.

Dietary symbols:
(G) Gluten-free, (L) Lactose-free, (VL) Low-lactose, (V) Vegetarian / lacto-ovo, (Veg) Vegan



  • Roasted eggplant, romesco sauce, pine nuts/Italian almonds & herb salad (Veg)

    The serving is designed by Vesta. Available gluten-free.

    13 €

  • Cacio e Pepe Gnudit & pecorinoa (G, L)

    The serving is designed by Ellinoora.

    13 €

  • Bouillabaisse & Rouille (G, L)

    The serving is designed by Olavi Uusivirta.

    16 €


  • Chargrilled zander, white & green asparagus, choron sauce & poached egg (G, L)

    The serving is designed by Ellinoora.

    26 €

  • Finnish Hereford beef flank steak (G, L)

    The serving is designed by Jesse Markin.

    28 €

  • Grilled portobello mushrooms, tofu, kale pesto & roasted sweet potato (G, Veg)

    22 €


  • Lemon Curd Pie (Veg)

    The serving is designed by Vesta.

    12 €

  • Rhubarb pie, mascarpone ice cream & basil strawberries (L)

    The serving is designed by Jesse Markin.

    13 €

  • Vegan vanilla pancakes, raspberry coulis, chocolate mousse and maple syrup (G, Veg)

    The serving is designed by Sofa.

    13 €


  • Mixed Meze board for two

    The serving is designed by Younghearted. Garlic bread (Veg, available G), sweet potato croquettes (L, Veg), harissa mayonnaise (G, L, Veg), chili and ginger marinated king oyster mushrooms (Veg), roasted padrones peppers (Veg), mint marinated cucumber (Veg), Zucchini tzatziki (G, L), cauliflower tabbouleh (L, Veg), labneh cheese & honey (G)

    14,50 €/pers