Fat Ramen

Fat Ramen

Vegetarian, Drinks, Vegan, Food, Gluten-free

Fat Ramen, Helsinki’s very first noodle restaurant specializing in ramen, will finally come to Ruisrock in Turku in the summer of 2022. In Helsinki, Fat Ramen is known as the synonym for ramen, the richly flavored Japanese noodle soup. Fat Ramen’s festival menu is entirely vegan and features the restaurant’s most popular dishes: Jalotofu Ramen and Korokke Bao buns. Fat Ramen also offers a light korokke salad for those who are less hungry and fresh ice tea. Come and taste the hottest soup in the capital!

Dietary symbols:
(G) Gluten-free, (L) Lactose-free, (VL) Low-lactose, (V) Vegetarian / lacto-ovo, (Veg) Vegan


  • Jalotofu Ramen (Veg)

    Fat Ramen’s hand-made noodles, vegetable broth, tare seasoned with miso and garlic, deep-fried Jalotofu, miso and chili sauce, pickled kohlrabi, leek, Silmusalaatti salad and sesame seeds

    12 €

  • Korokke Bao (Veg)

    Two of Fat Ramen's hand-made bao buns, korokke-style vegetable croquette, vegan mayonnaise, cabbage, ssam sauce, leek and Silmusalaatti salad

    9 €

  • Korokke salad (G, Veg)

    Korokke-style vegetable croquettes, green salad, sesame sauce and sesame seeds

    9 €

  • Fat Ramen's ice tea

    2 €

  • Ramen combo

    Jalotofu Ramen, Korokke Bao & ice tea

    17 €

  • Korokke combo

    Korokke salad, Korokke Bao & ice tea

    14 €