Deposit stall

Deposit stall

Festival Services

Once again, there’s a crispy alternative to the return deposit on bottles and cans. Bags of chips in exchange for empty bottles at the Taffel deposit point! 

Knock knock, it’s the genie in the bottle! Yes, the one with the overtrained torso and the undertrained lower body. Take your empty deposit bottle, glass, bucket or can to the Taffel deposit point at Ruisrock and I will grant your wish! At least if your wish is that you want some Taffel – and why wouldn’t it be? I mean, what else? In addition to this salty exchange, you’ll get a conscience that’s as clean as the festival area around you.

Disposable drink mugs have no deposit. The drink mugs are biodegradable, so they can be recycled at the festival’s recycling stations.

If you want your deposit as money instead of a bag of chips, it will be refunded to the same card that you used to first pay for the deposit. More information about the deposit system.