Crusty Pizza

Crusty Pizza

Vegetarian, Drinks, Food, Meat, Gluten-free

Crusty Pizza serves pizza slices with a real New York flair! The delicious slices are made using only the best ingredients. The founder of Crusty Pizza is the musician known as Lieminen, aka Jaakko Luomanen, who also plays in the band Lähiöbotox. The recipes of the pizzas and the ranch dip are by Lieminen. Two big slices and a beverage is a highly recommended combo, go ahead and try it out!

Dietary symbols:
(G) Gluten-free, (L) Lactose-free, (VL) Low-lactose, (V) Vegetarian / lacto-ovo, (Veg) Vegan


  • Cheese

    Slice 6 €

  • Pepperoni

    Slice 7 €

  • Vegan pepperoni

    Slice 7 €

  • Gluten-free cheese (G)

    Slice 6,50 €

  • Combo

    2 slices + Coca-cola/Coca-Cola Zero

    15 €

  • Ranch dippi

    2 €