Beluga is a 6.5-meter-long giant whale puppet that swims above the sea of heads with the help of four puppeteers from Aura of Puppets. The puppet can be seen from far and wide and also admired from above. The beluga whale will take your breath away when it swims within arm’s reach. The beluga swims in the daylight and glows in the dark! 

Beluga was created for the Book of Rooms performance and could be seen in room number 51. The Book of Rooms is a major production based on Saila Susiluoto’s book of prose poetry by the same name. The immersive piece was created by more than 100 independent artists in August 2021. 

You can see the Beluga swimming around the festival area on Saturday and Sunday.

Beluga team: Jutta Lahtinen, Nanna Mäkinen, Mila Nirhamo, Anna-Maria Vänskä, Anna Nekrassova
Performers: Anna Nekrassova, Anna-Maria Vänskä, Mila Nirhamo and Nanna Mäkinen