Ruisrock’s art program urges us to think about tomorrow

Ruisrock’s newly released art program turns our gaze towards more sustainable solutions and communal action. The festival audience will get a chance to make confessions, share messages of peace and become immersed in impressive installation art.

The art program at Ruisrock is all about environmentally sustainable choices and large-scale artistic works. For the first time, the festival will be gathering most of the artwork in Taidekuja (Artist Alley), where visitors can experience and immerse themselves in the world of art. The audience will be welcomed by Keidas – Oasis by Anu, Miia and Mikko Halmesmaa, a beloved sculpture that can now be seen in a new form at the festival already for the third time. The alley will also feature the festival debut of Anni-Julia Tuomisto, a huge floral mural entitled Luonnon voima – Force of Nature. The materials of the piece will be sustainably reused at next year’s festival.

The renewed Roskakala 2.0 – Trash Fish 2.0 by Jonna Rotola-Pukkila and Markus Pakkala is also making a comeback at Ruisrock. The 20-meter wooden sculpture built from dumpster-dive laser cut waste depicts a massive fish on a sandy beach, making a strong statement about the environmental issues caused by marine eutrophication.

Building community with art

The festival grounds will host two community art pieces, one of which the public can help create already in June. Building of the piece Toivonpunokset – Weaves of Hope by Riikka Kupsala and Jone Mutka will begin in an open workshop at Taiteen talo in Turku as part of the Old Town celebration on Saturday, 17 June, after which you can help create the piece at Ruisrock. The piece allows everyone to share their message of hope with the world by writing their thoughts on a recycled piece of fabric, which is then tied to the work to create what looks like a rya rug.

Tämä on tunnustus II – This is a Confession II by Mimmi Ahonen can be experienced only at Ruisrock. The work gathers anonymous confessions from the festival crowd, which are publicly displayed and finally handed out to festival visitors. Familiar from previous years, Reivikontti – Rave Container by Antti-Juhani Manninen will also be building community through art, hosting 15-minute rave parties throughout the festival.

Ruisrock will be held 7–9 July 2023 in Ruissalo, Turku. The program and timetable for Ruisrock have been announced and tickets are available at Tiketti. Some of the ticket types are sold out or fully booked.