Ruisrock Jury

The Ruisrock Jury, founded by Ruisrock, takes part in developing the festival throughout the year. The jury will meet with the festival team around joint workshops to develop and brainstorm different aspects of Ruisrock.

It is of paramount importance for Ruisrock to organize an event inspired by its audience and to give the visitors a voice in the planning of the festival. The Ruisrock Jury brings fresh perspectives from young visitors to the festival production and helps the festival team to anticipate future trends.

The topics for development that we will discuss with the jury will be decided together, and we hope that the jury members themselves will bring their development proposals to the table. The discussions may result in, for example, new services or activities at the festival.

Every year, we look for a diverse group of 16–24-year-olds from all over Finland to take part in the Ruisrock Jury, and there is no need to have previous Ruisrock knowledge. Jury members will receive a fee for participating in the workshops. The best ideas will be implemented at the festival, and jury members can also get involved in the implementation phase. In the summer, the Ruisrock Jury members will take part in Ruisrock.

The current Ruisrock Jury is formed by:

Taikatuuli Ahmala, Amanda Eränne, Otto Hamido, Anita Hartikainen, Elsi Helminen, Julia Hård, Kaapo Kankare, Magali Kasongo, Tuuli Koppanen, Jeru Kuusisto, Sandra Lauronen, Nea Lehto, Jamal Metsälampi, Liinu Nieminen, Milla Rantamäki, Mimi Soe, Vikke Vähäkylä

The search for new Ruisrock Jury members will be announced on our social media channels.