Our values


Ruisrock doesn’t tolerate racism or discrimination of any kind. In case you witness or encounter inappropriate behavior, please contact any of the security or other festival staff.

At Ruisrock:

  • Everyone is treated equally regardless of e.g. skin color, age, gender, or sexual orientation.
  • Physical integrity is respected.
  • Everyone looks after each other.
  • Let’s enjoy a happy festival together where everyone feels comfortable!

Our responsibilities:

  • Organize a helping info team to patrol the area and guide anyone in need of help.
  • Provide a space near the first aid tent of the festival where you can find someone to talk to and a peaceful place to take a breather, if you need one.
  • Arrange toilet facilities for women, men, and non-binary individuals.
  • Provide special services for physically disabled visitors. More information about our accessibility services can be found under accessibility.
  • Create an atmosphere where everyone feels safe.

We are also involved in the Keychange initiative, by which we are committed to increasing the proportion of women and non-binary performers to at least 50% in the festival programme. We achieved our goal in 2019 and will continue to work to provide an increasingly diverse festival programme.

Your responsibilities:

  • Look out for your friends and fellow festival goers – dare to care!
  • Interfere with any inappropriate behavior that you come across. If it’s difficult to step in, you can always contact the nearest security steward or other festival staff.
  • Always ask for permission before touching someone!
  • Respect different people and cultures.
  • Behave according to good manners (and urge your friends to do the same).

Everyone has the right to enjoy the festival safely – make sure that you promote overall safety with your own actions.