Vendor spaces

Vendor space application

Applications for vendor spaces are accepted until 16 April, but we will be assigning vendor spaces already before the deadline, so you should submit your application well on time. In your application, describe your concept as specifically and thoroughly as possible and mention anything else that may affect our decision.

Every year, we receive many more applications than there are vendor spaces, and each application goes through the same process. We only accept the best businesses and products in light of the values of the festival and the needs of our target audience.

Selection criteria

When selecting food vendors, we pay attention to the following criteria, which also apply to other businesses, depending on their product group:

  • Quality, ingredients, and environmental friendliness of the products to be sold. We pay particular attention to high-quality, fresh ingredients. We appreciate businesses that use local and organic products. In addition, taking the environment and ecological values into consideration in your selection in a variety of ways will draw our attention.
  • High-quality vegetarian and vegan dishes. We require each vendor to provide at least one high-quality, balanced vegan option. In addition, the ability to cater to people with food allergies and special diets will affect our decision.
  • Quality of the dishes and hygiene, customer service, and the speed of service. The quality of the dishes must remain high throughout the weekend despite the rush, the vendor must clearly pass all health inspections, and the customer service must be first-rate without long lines. We appreciate references of other major events.
  • Brand, values, and stories. Does the vendor have a brand and does it appeal to our visitors? How does the vendor stand out from the others? We pay attention to the name, visual image, design of the vendor space, values, and stories.
  • Appeal of the product, dishes, and menu. Please include a menu in your application that is as final as possible, including prices and special diet symbols. Do products stand out from the rest of the offering, is the product interesting and does it match the vendor’s brand? Do the products add value to the offering at the festival? We are extremely interested in vendors who can offer something new to add to the foods served at the festival. Is there something that you can offer but others cannot?

Service provides and merchandise vendors

Small businesses can sell their services to festivalgoers in Ruisrock’s Festival market. Various service providers can apply for a space in the festival market, including hairdresser’s, massage parlours, and others that can provide beauty and relaxation services to festival customers. In addition, businesses selling products and services that festival customers may need in the festival or camping area may apply to become vendors.

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