Vendor spaces

Ruisrock is one of the biggest and oldest cultural events in Finland. The next Ruisrock will be held from 7 to 9 July 2023 in Turku, in the scenic Kansanpuisto Park of Ruissalo.

The three-day festival will feature a versatile programme of music and art, accompanied by high-quality services. Ruisrock takes its crowd on a weekend trip to another world, full of friendship and freedom.

Ruisrock exists so that there would be more joy and happiness in the world. At the heart of the festival is the community of all our visitors and the people making it all happen, who work with us to take bold action and make our voice heard for the good. Our values are equality, responsibility, and creativity. Everyone is welcome at Ruisrock as who they are, and we are now looking for entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds.

Application period

We at Ruisrock want to invest in services and ensuring a broad, versatile offering. You can set up your restaurant or become a vendor at the festival by applying for a vendor space. Applications must be submitted by 16 April 2023. Filling the application does not commit you to anything, and we will be in touch with all the businesses that apply for a space.

We will be processing and approving applications already during the application period. Please describe your restaurant or business concept on the application form in as much detail as possible so that we can plan vendor areas at the festival that serve the audience and the entrepreneurs even better.

Environmental values

Ruisrock has an EcoCompass certificate and we are committed to the principles of sustainable development. Ruisrock is organized in a nature reserve, which means that everyone needs to pay special attention to environmental protection in all their activities. We require all food vendors to sort their waste and to use biodegradable disposable dishes and cutlery.

Due to the nature at the location, we take environmental matters seriously, which is why we will be performing inspections and monitoring food vendors with respect to the use of biodegradable disposable dishes. We can suspend or deny permission to sell food if the vendor is not using the required eco-friendly dishes and cutlery or if the recycling instructions are not being followed. If a vendor repeatedly breaks the rules, they may be denied access to next summer’s festival.

After the festival, the vendor space must be left clean and empty and no trash or other items may be left in the area. Handing out brochures of any kind in the festival area is prohibited to protect the nature reserve.

Exclusive rights in the area

The main sponsor of Ruisrock is Sinebrychoff, which has exclusive rights to sell beverages in the area. Vendors must agree to sell Sinebrychoff’s products if they intend to sell beverages. If you are unsure of which products are acceptable, we can send you a list of suitable beverages. Ruisrock reserves the right to grant other exclusive rights in the area and will announce these closer to the event.

Visibility in Ruisrock’s channels

We will add a description and a photo of each vendor on the Ruisrock website. In addition, Ruisrock will provide visibility in its social media channels. In the months leading up to the festival, the Ruisrock website receives hundreds of thousands of visits. In addition, Ruisrock has large numbers of followers in its social media accounts. Selected vendors will be asked to provide a description and photos of themselves closer to the event.

Vendor space

As a rule, all vendor spaces are sold without additional services, so you can also bring your own fixtures into your tent. Ruisrock will decide the location of the vendor spaces while taking into consideration the vendor’s wishes and the products to be sold. We are looking to get a range of vendors that is as diverse and high-quality as possible. Since there is a limited number of vendor spaces available in the area, not all those who submit an application will automatically get a space.

Ruisrock will set up a tent in each food vendor space after which the vendor is responsible for making their space ready and also clearing the tent after the festival. The festival area is open on Friday, 7 July, 2 pm – 3 am, Saturday, 8 July, 1 pm – 3 am, and Sunday, 9 July, 1 pm – midnight. Food is no longer sold half an hour before the area is closed.

Vendors must be open throughout the event and may not start taking down their vendor space until midnight on Sunday when the area has closed. We will provide more specific instructions for vendors and the locations of vendor spaces in early summer 2022.

Ruisrock reserves the right to all changes.