Ruisrock Volunteer Application 2023

Do you want to join us in making this summer’s festival happen?

As a volunteer at Ruisrock, you’ll play an important role in organizing the festival and creating its atmosphere. You’ll have a chance to learn more about what goes into producing a festival and volunteering in the event industry and get to know other like-minded people!

The shifts are during the festival opening hours, mostly from afternoon till the late night. Every volunteer has two different shifts during two festival days. Together shifts last approximately 15 hours.

What Ruisrock offers to volunteers:

  • All our volunteers get a unique Ruisrock t-shirt
  • On your volunteering days you will get a warm meal and different beverages like coffee and juice
  • Volunteers who arrive outside of the Turku region can stay in volunteers’ school or camping accommodation from THU 6th to MON 10th of July.
  • Our volunteers will have their own bus transportation to the festival area.
  • And of course, you will have access to the festival for three days so you can enjoy the amazing festival weekend outside your volunteer shifts!
  • On Sunday there will be a special party in the city center of Turku for all our volunteers!

Who can volunteer?

The volunteer search will begin on February 1 and we are taking the applications in as long as there are available spots. Remember that as a volunteer you must be at least 18 years old.

Ruisrock is one of the most remarkable and oldest cultural events in Finland. The core of Ruisrock forms from its audience, volunteers and workers. Together with them we strive for action that will make a difference and spread out the message for a better world. Our values are equality, responsibility and creativity.

To Ruisrock everyone is welcome as they are and we wish to receive voluntary applications from people with various backgrounds.

Volunteer tasks in Ruisrock

Please note that unfortunately some of the tasks such as security and ticket inspection require fluent Finnish and therefore are not available for english-speaking volunteers.

Restaurants and licensed venues 
As a volunteer in a restaurant or a licensed venue, you’ll have an important role: keeping the hungry and thirsty festival folk happy. There is a wide range of tasks available, so you don’t necessarily need previous experience working in a restaurant. Having a Hygiene and an Alcohol Passport is certainly an asset, as are kitchen and money handling skills, so please remember to mention these in your application! When volunteering in a licensed venue, you’ll get to serve customers and sell licensed and food products, but occasionally also manage the dishwashing station and do storage tasks. The licensed venues will also have carrying tasks for those interested in more physical work, plus shifts helping out in the kitchen. The volunteer shifts will take place mainly during the festival in the evening or at night. The licensed venue team will form the single biggest group of volunteers, so there are plenty of available spots for volunteers on this team!

Cleaning and recycling
As a member of the cleaning and recycling team, it’ll be your job to take care of the Ruissalo area and its beautiful nature that we wish to cherish and respect. Your responsibilities will include taking care of the tidiness and comfort of the festival site, the gates and the camping area. As a clean-up volunteer, you’ll get to move around the festival area. Volunteers at recycling stations provide recycling advice to visitors and help them sort their trash in the right containers. We hope the volunteers applying for these tasks are independent and have a positive attitude.

Customer service tasks (this task is already full)
Other customer service tasks are available in the cloakroom, the bicycle parking area and the info desk, among others. These festival tasks are best suited for people who can serve customers with a smile! Those volunteering at the bicycle parking area and the info desk will also need to provide guidance to festival visitors and spread a good mood all around.

Power team
Are you flexible and interested in more than one volunteer task? Members of the power team can easily take on new jobs and help the other teams wherever help is needed! Apply to the power team if you’re a fast learner and want a varied volunteering experience.


More information:

If you will be accepted, you will receive a lot of information via the email during the spring and summer. So remember to keep an eye on your email! (Remember to also check your junkmail-folder regularly.)

As a volunteer, you commit to respect and follow the values and rules of Ruisrock.

If you have any questions about volunteer search, please contact us:


You can fill the application here