VIP & Ruisrock Plus Services

VIP & Ruisrock Plus areas

There are two VIP areas in Ruissalo for VIP and Ruisrock Plus customers. The Ranta VIP area offers a great opportunity to see the shows on the iconic Ranta stage in a seaside atmosphere, and in the Niitty VIP area, right next to the Niitty stage, guests can party to the beat of the biggest shows.

Catering services

A wide range of catering services will be available in the VIP areas for Ruisrock VIP and Ruisrock Plus customers. Read more about the food services on VIP services page.

In the Ranta VIP area you will find, among other options, our new seated restaurant Ravintola Ilves x Ruisrock. The restaurant offers a quiet space to relax and enjoy carefully curated dishes both à la carte and as multi-course menus. Pre-booking for tables has opened: book a table for yourself or a larger crowd. Book a table on TableOnline.