Our values


Ruisrock is organized on the Ruissalo island which is mostly a protected nature reserve. It is important for Ruisrock to take care of the nature of Ruissalo, and we aim to create a setting where everyone can easily help us with this important work.

To make it possible to also hold the 100th Ruisrock in Ruissalo, we want to act responsibly by recycling the waste produced at the event and ensuring that we use as little natural resources as possible.

Ruisrock has joined the EcoCompass environmental management system that can be used to make environmental work even more sustainable. EcoCompass offers tools that we can use to promote environmental protection and the prevention of climate change in addition to taking responsibility for the environmental impact of the festival.

Volunteers from Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association (Pidä Saaristo Siistinä ry, PSS ry) will focus especially on keeping the shores tidy during the festival. Please recycle bottles and cans by throwing them in the appropriate containers or giving them to the PSS ry volunteers. Their deposit returns will be used to fund the important work of PSS ry on behalf of clean waterways and waste management!

At Ruisrock:

Every year, we develop ways to further reduce the carbon footprint of the festival. We give priority to products and services that have been granted an environmental label, and we also encourage our food vendors to opt for sustainable choices by offering booth spaces at a lower rate to vendors who only sell vegetarian and vegan options.

We power the festival by renewable energy, such as biodiesel produced from food waste and EKOenergy-certified energy.