Festival safety

As a Ruisrock visitor, you can do your part to keep the event safe and ensure that everything goes smoothly by showing up with a positive attitude and looking after yourself and others. If you have any concerns during the event or you see or experience something that seems suspicious, you can always turn to any of our staff members.


  • Always follow the instructions provided by security stewards.
  • Take care of yourself and others.
  • Behave according to the festival etiquette.
  • Remember to drink non-alcoholic fluids, especially in hot weather. You can fill up your water bottle at one of the many water stations in the area.
  • Respect the domestic peace of the inhabitants of Ruissalo. Do not enter their yards or go near them.
  • Lighting a fire of any kind on the festival site is prohibited.
  • Follow the signs and the marked routes. Separate routes are marked for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Choose appropriate festival gear for the weather. Keep in mind that the temperature can drop significantly in the evening.