Festival info

Ruisrock Checklist

Things to remember at this year’s festival:

  • There are two types of festival buses: the buses running between Artukainen Camping and Ruissalo are free, and the buses running between the center of Turku and Ruissalo charge a fare. 
  • Tickets are first inspected as you come to Ruissalo Bridge. The second ticket inspection is near the main gates where prohibited items will also be confiscated.
  • The cloakroom of the festival area is located next to the main gates. The cloakroom serves customers both inside and outside the festival area.
  • Cash is not accepted inside the festival area. You can pay for purchases using the most common payment cards.

The most convenient way to see the latest updates and find the exact locations of services is the Ruisrock app, which you can download for free from Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Have fun at Ruisrock!