Festival info

Ruisrock Festival will be celebrated 5–7 July 2024 in Turku, in the scenic Kansanpuisto Park in Ruissalo. Over the weekend, the festival will feature dozens of bands, an art program full of surprises, good food and drink and happy times together.

Event area

Ruissalo National Park, Turku, Finland

Age limits

Ruisrock has no age limit. However, we recommend that children under 14 attend the festival with a guardian. Children under 9 may attend the festival free of charge when accompanied by their guardian. The age of a child under 9 must be proven either with an identity card or another written document. If you do come to Ruisrock with a child, please given them a safe, intoxicant-free festival experience. When you prioritize the child’s needs at the festival, please pay attention especially to the time of day and the size of the festival crowd.

Some of the services at Ruisrock have an age limit. All the VIP areas and the areas where alcohol is served are over 18 only. In addition, part of Ruisrock’s program is organized in the area intended for adults; if the artist performs in an area limited to adults only, this is explained separately in the artist’s description in the program section.