Discrimination-free Ruisrock

At Ruisrock we do not tolerate discrimination or harassment of any kind and we respect everyone’s right to bodily integrity and a safe festival environment. Ruisrock encourages low threshold reporting of harassment and the festival is committed to addressing incidents immediately.

What is discrimination?

Discrimination is when a person is treated less favourably than others because of a personal characteristic. Discrimination can be based on gender, gender identity, cultural or ethnic background, religion, disability, sexual orientation, age, nationality, origin, language and appearance, among other characteristics. Harassment, sexual harassment and incitement to discrimination are also forms of discrimination.

What is harassment?

Harassment can take many forms, and anyone can be a victim of harassment or inappropriate treatment. Harassment is conduct that violates a person’s dignity and is linked to one or more of the causes for discrimination. Creating an intimidating, hostile or humiliating environment is also harassment. 

What is sexual harassment?

Sexual harassment is intentional, unwanted and one-sided sexually suggestive behaviour, such as physical touching, assessing looks or sexually suggestive language that the target finds unpleasant. The target of the harassment determines whether the behaviour is offensive or abusive. If the other party has not given their consent to touching or interacting, it is sexual harassment.