COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about COVID-19.

Will Ruisrock definitely be held next summer?

Preparations for Ruisrock are progressing normally at the moment, and the first performers have already been announced. So we are expecting to enjoy the festival again in Ruissalo in July 2021. Organizing an international festival the size of Ruisrock in a professional manner requires extensive preparations, which now continue on the basis of the plans made for summer 2020.

The global coronavirus pandemic has caused major uncertainty in the events industry, which also affects us. Although life in the shadow of the pandemic is uncertain, we are constantly learning more about the virus and how it behaves. There is still a long way to go before the next Ruisrock, and a lot can happen in the world in terms of the coronavirus pandemic before July. We are convinced that by then, it will be possible to organize large open-air festivals safely. Medical solutions are developing with great speed, and we are learning more about how to combat the virus day by day.

It is worth keeping in mind, however, that Ruisrock in the summer of 2021 will not be quite like its predecessors. In line with our values, responsibility will play an even greater role in our activities. We will focus strongly on health security and hygienic solutions at the event, because the wellbeing of all festivalgoers is our first priority.

The feelings of camaraderie and happiness experienced at the festival are much needed after the state of emergency that we have been living under. Ruisrock is a big promoter of mental wellbeing, but it also has great financial significance for the region of Turku and creates many jobs in the area. In today’s world, the need for Ruisrock is greater than ever.

Will all the international performers come to the festival if it is held? What if a performer cancels?

We are certain that artists are itching to get back on festival stages after a long break. Artists miss their fans greatly and long to perform! All our performers are currently committed to come to Ruisrock. If it is impossible for an artist to come to Turku to perform due to e.g. travel restrictions or some other reason, we will of course try to find a replacing artist as quickly as possible.

There are currently many travel restrictions in place, but they change constantly and work-related travel has been permitted pretty much the whole time. A performing musician has the right to come to Finland to work. Quarantine requirements may make this more difficult, but the situation in terms of these requirements is also constantly evolving.

The availability of flights to Finland has also varied greatly during the pandemic, creating challenges to international mobility. However, the travel industry is vigorously seeking solutions to make travelling safe, and we believe that the situation will be much better by summer.

Will I definitely get a refund if the festival is cancelled in 2021?

If we would have to cancel Ruisrock completely, tickets would be refunded to customers according to the Tiketti Terms of Delivery, and you would get your money back with the exception of the Tiketti service fee. Read more about ticket refunds on the website of Tiketti.

Is it safe to come to the festival in 2021?

All our arrangements are made with the aim of making sure that it is absolutely safe for everyone, both the audience and the artists and staff, to celebrate the 51st Ruisrock festival in 2021. We are keeping track of the international research findings and innovations developed for events, and engaging in global and domestic cooperation to develop safe event organization. Plans are actively being made to organize safe events, and alternative ways to do so are currently being examined.

Are you concerned about something else related to the arrangements for Ruisrock? Send us your questions by e-mail to or via our social media channels. We will also post frequently asked questions on this website.