Arriving to the Festival Area

Ruisrock festival site can be reached conveniently with the festival bus or by bike from Turku city centre. There is a clearly marked walking route of about two kilometres (about 1.2 miles) between the festival bus station and the festival site.

More info about arriving to the Ruisrock area coming soon.

Festival bus

The festival buses leave passengers near the Ruissalo bridge, from where there is a guide, about a two-kilometer walk to the festival area. More info about the buses coming soon.

By bicycle and electric scooter

You can ride your bike to the festival site by following the signs along the bike path of Ruissalo parkway. You can leave your bicycle at the guarded bicycle parking next to the festival main entrance.

All e-scooters provided by local companies must be left at the designated place next to Pahaniemensilta. You can’t drive beyond this point with e-scooters.

Ruisrock water buses (VIP tickets)

The water bus included in the VIP tickets runs non-stop between the center of Turku and the Ruisrock area. The first water bus leaves from the center of Turku half an hour before the festival area opens, and the last water bus leaves from the Ruisrock area when the area closes.

By Turku local buses

The local bus time tables and stop information can be found in the trip planner Föli. There will be some changes in timetables and routes during the festival, which will be communicated later in Spring.

By car

If you are driving to Ruisrock, we recommend carpooling. There is no parking on Ruissalo during the festival.

If you bring or pick up festival guests by car, the nearest stop at the festival is near the Pahaniemi bridge, in the parking lot of Helena Café. The address is Tuontiväylä 2.

By taxi

The closest taxi stop to the festival site is located at the festival bus station, close to the Ruissalo bridge. There is a clearly marked walking route between the taxi stop and the festival site.

By boat

You cannot get to the festival area by your own boat. The city center is most conveniently reached by festival bus from the city center.

Accessible arriving

Ruisrock organisers want to offer everyone a chance to come to the festival. Accessible entrance and possibility for disabled parking make arriving at the festival easier. The disabled parking permit have to be applied for in advance. Read more on accessibility.