Ruisrock’s own Artukainen Camping is located by Gatorade Center and Messukeskus, the address is Artukaisten kiitotie. The camping area is located approximately 6.5 km from the festival site and there is a festival bus taking camping area users closer to festival site.

Camping is allowed only in an official camping area, and the camping area is intended only for people going to Ruisrock. Campers must have a festival ticket which will be checked upon arrival.

More information about Artukainen Camping services will be added here later in the spring.


Tickets are on sale in Tiketti.

  • Camping 45 €/person
  • Campervan 30 €

People arriving by campervans must purchase a campervan ticket for the vehicle in addition to a camping ticket. For each campervan one campervan ticket is needed but everyone staying in the campervan must also have a ticket for the camping area.

Buy tickets

Arriving at the camping area

Artukainen Camping is located by Gatorade Center (former Turkuhalli) and Messukeskus in Artukainen in Turku, the address is Artukaisten kiitotie. Follow the signs for Artukainen Camping.

From Turku city centre you can get close to the festival camping area by taking a bus number 12, 32 or 61. Buses 32 and 61 will also stop at the Turku railway station. You can find timetables and detailed stop information at journey planner Föli.

Getting from the camping area to the festival

There is a free shuttle bus from Artukainen Camping to Ruissalo festival bus station and back to the camping area. The bus will run on a non-stop basis during the festival opening hours. There is approximately a two kilometer walk from the festival bus station to the festival site.

Passenger car parking and campervans

Next to the camping area there is a passenger car parking area which is open during the opening hours of the camping area. It costs 5 euros per parking. Sleeping in your car and bringing your car to the camping site are not allowed for safety reasons.

Staying in the camping area is allowed in registered campervans. Travel trailers cannot be brought into the camping area. If you take your campervan with you when leaving the campsite, you will be charged for the campervan ticket again upon each return. We are unfortunately not able to offer electricity for campervans.

Green Camping

Green Camping is an area inside Artukainen Camping. It has all same services that Artukainen Camping has, but in Green Camping you will get a 10€ refund when checking out with all your garbage recycled according to instructions.

You can buy a place from Green Camping area from Tiketti. In Tiketti you can also change your already purchased Artukainen Camping tickets to Green Camping, without any fees.