The Ruisrock accessibility map and program will be published closer to the festival. Accessibility programs will be handed out at the accessible entrance to the festival grounds.



Ruisrock is held in the Ruissalo national park in Turku, and the area mostly consists of parkland and fields. Some of the terrain in the area is uneven but almost the entire festival grounds are surrounded by an asphalt or gravel path. An asphalt-covered road passes in front of the Niittylava stage and continues down to the shore. On the shore, the road turns into a hardpack gravel path. The festival grounds also include a beach that is partially covered by soft sand. 



Elevated viewing platforms are located next to the Niittylava, Rantalava, Telttalava, and Sateenkaarilava stages. The exact locations of the platforms can be seen in the accessibility map, which will be published closer to the festival.

The viewing platforms are elevated 60 cm from the ground and include a ramp for access. The platforms are equipped with a bench. Assistant can access the platform with the person they are assisting if there is enough room. Each platform is staffed by general assistants, who can assist you as necessary with mobility, accessing the platform, or leaving the platform, and open the lock of the accessible toilet. 

A locked accessible toilet is located next to each viewing platform, which can be unlocked by a general assistant where necessary. The elevated viewing platforms are intended for people who would otherwise not be able to see the stage, cannot stand for prolonged periods, or are distressed by large groups of people. The viewing platforms can be accessed with an accessibility wristband. You can apply for an accessibility wristband by completing the form here.



The general assistants serve festivalgoers with accessibility-related matters in particular and they can be found at the viewing platforms. The general assistants are trained volunteers from Lounais-Suomen Avustajakeskus, and they can help you with mobility, accessing the viewing platforms, and unlocking the accessible toilets. General assistants can be identified by their blue reflective vests.



Accessible toilets can be found throughout the festival grounds. The toilets are located next to each elevated viewing platform, in the toilet blocks in the general admission area, and areas where alcoholic beverages are served. Please note that the general admission areas on the shore or in the woods do not include accessible toilets due to the difficult terrain. The exact locations of accessible toilets can be seen in the accessibility map, which will be published closer to the festival. 

The accessible toilets next to the viewing platforms are locked. The toilets are unlocked by a general assistant as necessary. The toilets located in the toilet blocks and alcohol service areas are not locked and can instead be used by all guests.

With a Ruisrock VIP or Plus wristband, you can also use the accessible toilets in the VIP areas. Please note that the flush toilets are not sufficiently accessible.

The accessible toilets can also be used by Toilet Card holders. Read more about the toilet card.



Licensed service areas also include lowered bar tops that can be used by festivalgoers in wheelchairs as well as other people. The licensed areas also include accessible toilets that can be used by all guests.