Festival grounds

Terrain at the festival

Ruisrock is held in the Ruissalo park in Turku, and the area mostly consists of parkland and fields. Some of the terrain is uneven, but an asphalt or gravel path runs around almost the entire festival area. An asphalt road passes in front of Niittylava stage and continues down to the shore. On the shore, the asphalt road turns into a hard, sandy path. There is also a beach in the area, parts of which are of soft sand. 

Elevated viewing platforms

There is an elevated viewing platform near the Niittylava, Rantalava, Telttalava and Sateenkaarilava stages. There is an accessible toilet right next to each viewing platform.

Accessible toilets

Accessible toilets can be found throughout the festival grounds. The toilets are located next to each elevated viewing platform, in the toilet blocks in the audience areas and in the areas licensed to serve alcohol.

Holders of a Toilet Card may also use the accessible toilets. Read more about the Toilet Card.

Areas licensed to serve alcohol

The tents where alcohol is served have lowered bar tops that can be used by customers in wheelchairs and other festivalgoers as well. The licensed areas also include accessible toilets that can be used by anyone.