Each year, Ruisrock aims to improve accessibility at the festival. We have made a commitment to ten accessibility promises, which we are continuously developing further.

Accessibility promises

  • Each large stage is equipped with an accessible viewing platform
  • The festival grounds are well-lit
  • The festival grounds include several accessible toilets. 
  • The festival offers an accessible parking area and clear entrance policies to improve the guests’ opportunities for arriving at the festival. 
  • The festival grounds include resting areas. 
  • General assistants, who help festivalgoers with accessibility-related matters in particular, can be found in the festival grounds. 
  • In order to improve the accessibility of our communications, the Ruisrock website is also available in easy Finnish. 
  • We continue to train our personnel to further increase their awareness of accessibility-related matters.
  • We communicate more effectively and more informatively on our accessible festival approaches.
  • We promise to continue to consider accessibility at Ruisrock in the future as well.

As work on accessibility is a long-term process, we, the organizers of the festival, believe it is important to continue the development. If you have feedback or suggestions regarding accessibility at Ruisrock, please contact us at