Ruisrock aims to improve its accessibility year by year. We’ve committed to ten accessibility promises that we improve continuously.

Accessibility Promises

  • We will build accessible viewing platforms in front of all the big stages.
  • We will add more lights to the festival area.
  • We will add more disabled toilets in the festival area.
  • We will improve the possibilities to arrive at the festival by organizing accessible parking and by making the entrance procedure clearer.
  • We will add more places to rest in the festival area.
  • We will hire general assistants to help festivalgoers especially with accessibility issues.
  • We will improve the accessibility of our communication by creating a plain language version of the Ruisrock website.
  • We will train our staff to be more aware of accessibility.
  • We will communicate more effectively and informatively about the practices of an accessible festival.
  • We will promise to take accessibility into consideration at Ruisrock also in the years to come.

Work on behalf of accessibility requires a long-term commitment and, as the organizers of Ruisrock, it is important to us to keep on improving it. If you have any feedback or suggestions for improvement concerning the accessibility of Ruisrock, please contact