Assistants or interpreters can enter the festival grounds free of charge with the person they are accompanying. Complete the accessibility wristband application to indicate your requirement for an assistant or interpreter here.

You can use the following documents to verify that you require an assistant or interpreter:

  • A disability card granted by your home municipality or some other instance that indicates that you require a person to assist or accompany you
  • EU Disability Card with the letter A to indicate the need of an assistant or an accompanying support person.
  • Visual Impairment Card

You can also use a notice of decision granting you any of the following benefits or services eligible for the EU Disability Card as verification if it includes the letter A:

  • Interpreting services for persons with a hearing impairment 
  • Interpreting services for persons with hearing and visual impairments 
  • Interpreting services for persons with a speech impairment 
  • Official agreement on care by a family member (disability card intended for the cared person) 
  • Travel companion service (as part of transport services provided under the Act on Services for Persons with Disabilities or decision on mobility assistance provided under the Social Welfare Act) 
  • Assisted living decision under the Act on Services for Persons with Disabilities 
  • Personal assistance decision under the Act on Services for Persons with Disabilities 
  • Decision and services based on a special care program 
  • Special needs support decision 

Your assistant or interpreter does not require their own ticket and are instead provided an accessibility wristband that entitles them to enter the festival grounds with the person they are accompanying. You and your assistant or interpreter must enter the festival grounds together each day. Only an assistant or interpreter may enter the festival grounds through the accessible entrance with the assisted person.

Free access to the festival grounds for assistants and interpreters only applies to the regular Ruisrock tickets. If the assisted person has a VIP or Ruisrock Plus ticket, the accompanying assistant or interpreter must have their own ticket that entitles them to access the same services. The reason for this is that the VIP and plus tickets include additional services subject to charge. The VIP services are not classified as accessible, as the waterbus and the waterbus stop on the city center side are not sufficiently accessible. The VIP areas include accessible toilets, but the flush toilets are not sufficiently accessible and the terrain in the VIP area is difficult in places.

You can also contact Lounais-Suomen Avustajakeskus to arrange a personal assistant. More information here (in Finnish).