Accessible Arrival

You can arrive at the festival area by foot or by bike. Festival buses and taxes will drop you off at the festival bus station, located about two kilometers from the festival area, next to the Ruissalo Bridge.

You can arrive accessibly at the festival area by taking a taxi for the disabled or by applying for a personal parking permit for the accessible parking lot. Instructions on how to apply for a parking permit can be found below. If you have a temporary physical impairment, please contact


Accessible Parking Space

The accessible parking lot is located about 400 meters from the accessible entrance. The asphalted parking lot has a limited number of accessible parking spaces. You can apply for an accessible parking space with a disabled parking permit issued by Trafi / the police.

Please note that you must apply for a parking space from Ruisrock in advance due to the limited number of spaces. You cannot access the parking lot without a personal parking permit granted by Ruisrock. The application period for an accessible parking space starts later.

If you need more information about applying for a parking space, please contact

Accessible Entrance

The festival area can be entered via the main gate or a separate, accessible entrance. The accessible entrance is located about 400 meters from the accessible parking spaces. The route to the accessible entrance is asphalt and hard dirt road. Those using the entrance undergo a security check, their festival tickets are scanned electronically, and the general festival guidelines apply to them.

The accessible entrance may be used by the visually impaired and hearing impaired, people with a temporary physical impairment, and people with limited mobility due to a physical condition or disability. An assistant may use the accessible entrance together with an assisted person. Pregnancy is not a reason to use Ruisrock’s accessibility services.