You can arrive to the festival grounds on foot or by bicycle. Festival buses and taxis arrive at the festival bus station, which is located approximately two kilometers from the festival grounds, next to the Ruissalo bridge. Bicycle parking is located near the main entrance.

Accessible arrival at the festival grounds is possible in an accessible taxi by completing the accessibility wristband application or by applying for personal parking space within the accessible parking area. Both the accessible taxi stand and the accessible parking spaces are located approximately 400 meters away from the accessible entrance. Instructions for applying for a parking space can be found below. If your mobility is temporarily reduced, please contact

We recommend booking the accessible taxi in advance for both the outward and return journey. Traffic toward and away from the island is slower than normal during the festival weekend. Traffic becomes most congested on the Friday and Saturday nights at 01:00–03:00. We recommend booking your taxi outside of the peak hours. 

A free accessible shuttle service is available from the festival grounds. The service consists of a dedicated accessible taxi that has room for several wheelchairs and other users of accessibility services with assistants or interpreters. In order to access the shuttle service, you will need an accessibility wristband. Do note that this service is only intended for users of the accessibility services and their assistants and interpreters. More information about the accessible shuttle service can be found below. 



The accessible parking area is located approximately 400 meters away from the accessible entrance. The asphalt-covered parking area has a limited number of accessible parking spaces. You can apply for an accessible parking permit if you have a disabled parking permit or parking card for people with reduced mobility granted by the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency (Traficom). 

Please note that you must apply for a parking space in advance as only a limited number of spaces is available, and the parking area cannot be accessed without a personal parking permit granted by Ruisrock. The parking area includes an accessible toilet. 

You can apply for a parking permit by completing the accessibility wristband application by 23:59 on July 4, 2022. The parking space and accessibility wristband must be collected from the Ruisrock accreditation desk at the Radisson Blu Marina Palace hotel before arriving at the festival grounds. You can access the form here

If you would like to know more about applying for a parking space, please contact



The festival grounds can be accessed through the main entrance and a separate, accessible entrance. The accessible entrance is located approximately 400 meters away from the accessible parking area. The route to the accessible entrance consists of asphalt and hardpack gravel. At the entrance, your accessibility wristband will be checked, a security check carried out, your festival tickets scanned electronically, and the general festival guidelines followed. Please note that the accessible entrance does not include a coat check, but you can use the one at the main entrance, which includes a lowered counter for accessibility.

The accessible entrance can be used by people with hearing or visual impairment, people with temporarily reduced mobility, and people with reduced mobility due to physical injury or disability. Assistants and interpreters may use the accessible entrance with the person they are accompanying.



The service consists of a dedicated accessible taxi that has room for several wheelchairs and other users of the accessibility services with their assistants or interpreters. The accessible shuttle brings festival guests from the accessible parking area to Turku city center. You will need an accessibility wristband to use the accessible shuttle. The accessible shuttle is available in the evenings until the festival grounds close. 

Accessible shuttle transports customers with reduced mobility and their assistants from Ruisrock’s accessible parking slot to the center of Turku in front of Kansallinen kirjakauppa (Linnankatu 16).

Accessible shuttle’s schedule:
Fri 8.7. at 22, 23, 00, 01, 03, 04.
Sat 9.7. at 22, 23, 00, 01, 03, 04.
Sun 10.7. at 21, 22, 23, 00, 01.

Please note that the shuttle has room for a limited number of users and will be on a queue basis.