Clubs and associations

Volunteering opportunities for clubs and associations

Every year, Ruisrock joins forces with local clubs and associations in the Turku region, offering them a fun-filled, energy-packed way to raise funds by volunteering at the festival. By volunteering at Ruisrock through a club or association, you can raise funds together, help us organize one of the biggest music festivals in Finland, and get to enjoy the cheerful festival atmosphere!

We offer volunteer tasks in restaurants and licensed venues, recycling, and security. Many of the tasks are also suitable for people who do not speak fluent Finnish. We will pay the clubs and associations after the festival according to the number of volunteer hours put in by their members. Volunteer shifts will take place during the opening hours of the festival, mainly in the early evening and at night when the festival crowd is the largest.

Members of clubs or associations who participate in the festival as volunteers agree to volunteer for at least 15 hours on two (2) different days. It is also possible to take on shifts on all three days, which also means you will raise more money! Previous experience of similar tasks is not required, as we will provide necessary training. Please note that due to the nature of the volunteer tasks, participants must be at least 18 years of age.

Benefits provided by Ruisrock to volunteers

All our volunteer participants get a unique Ruisrock t-shirt to wear during their volunteer shifts. On the volunteering days, we offer a warm meal and beverages, such as coffee and juice. We also offer free bus transportation directly from Turku City Centre to the festival area from Friday to Sunday.

In addition, all our volunteers get a volunteer wristband, which serves as their pass to their volunteer shifts. Outside the shifts, our volunteers also get to enjoy awesome live performances and the festival atmosphere!

Volunteer tasks

Restaurants and licensed venues
Tasks in restaurants and licensed venues involve serving the happy festival folk in a busy environment. The duties include selling alcoholic beverages and food, serving beverages, glass collecting, and carrying goods and fixtures. The tasks vary, so we can easily find a suitable way to volunteer for everyone! An Alcohol or Hygiene Passport or cash register experience is not required, because we will provide training for the tasks. You will have plenty to do throughout your volunteer shifts!

Recycling tasks involve taking care of the overall tidiness of the festival area. The team plays an important role in making sure the beautiful Ruissalo will stay clean and functional for festivals to come. The duties include collecting and sorting trash, bottles, and cans, and advising the customers in how to recycle the trash properly. The tasks require moving across the varying terrain of Ruissalo, so you need weather-appropriate gear and plenty of energy. We will provide all the necessary equipment, such as garbage and biowaste bags, waste pickers, and gloves.

Security tasks involve looking after the general security of the festival area together with  Ruisrock’s other safety and customer service teams. There are both fixed and mobile security stations. Tasks are available in stage and festival area security, and exit monitoring. Security stewards must have an unblemished record and speak fluent Finnish. A Security Steward License is useful, but you can join the security team even without it.

How do I get involved?

If you are interested in volunteering at the festival in the name of a club or association, you can send an e-mail to or fill in the separate application form, and we will be in contact with you. The form should be filled in by the contact person of the club or association. Let’s work together to find the best way for you to help organize Ruisrock in summer 2023! Equality and non-discrimination are important values at Ruisrock, and we hope to see applications from all kinds of clubs and associations.

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