Think Pink

Flamingos normally nest in colonies of thousands of couples, and only if the water level is not too low or too high. However, Think Pink fell in love with Ruissalo last year, and decided to defy the norms of its society by building its own nest at Ruisrock. We can only hope that our environment will remain fit for Pink also in the years to come…

Visual artist Johanna Sinkkonen’s big environmental art piece Think Pink has been inspired by the plastic flamingo that has had a long and colorful journey in popular culture from 1950s garden ornaments to casino hotels and 21st century swimming pool toys. Once a synonym of wealth and leisure, now a staple in the kitsch sections of cheap markets, the plastic flamingo has undergone a major cultural transformation. Yet flamingos still have an air of the exotic, fun, and Miami, and they cross class boundaries by appearing both in the patterns of home textiles and in private gardens.

The artwork Think Pink is returning to Ruisrock to take a piece of this aesthetic and associate it with questions on the challenges caused by climate change.The work challenges viewers to look beyond the surface and to compare the border-crossing migration of birds to the migratory movements of humans. Think Pink is a portrait of its time, just like its role model was back in the 1950s.