The Little Armoured One –

The armadillo is a mobile desert creature from an apocalyptic future.The armadillo does not like climate change. Instead, the armadillo likes to munch on insects and recommends that people do so too. Under its hard shell, the armadillo is sensitive –little armoured one. The mere existence of the armadillo is a reminder to us why we want to preserve the diversity of nature. Join the joyride!

Johanna Sinkkonen

Johanna Sinkkonen (b. 1983) is an artist from Turku who specializes in public installations and site-specific art as well as large mixed-media pieces. Sinkkonen boldly combines different art forms in her work, thus breaking the prevailing norms.Her latest conquest is welding and sheet metal work, which have captivated the artist.She creates her pieces without damaging nature or the environment, by recycling materials. Sinkkonen’s art often asks questions related to the environment, equality, and caring. Although the artist’s own pieces comment on the issues that our world has to face, her public art shows that she has also given herself permission to play and look for beautiful, fun things around her.

Maiju Tainio

Maiju Tainio is a puppetry artist and a theatrical visual merchandiser whose hands have crafted large-sized spectacles, such as a giant Christmas elf, a larger-than-life drag queen, an adult-sized baby carriage, and the uber cute My Little Unicorn, which used to graze at Ruisrock. Tainio writes, directs, performs, designs, and builds – she plans and creates concepts, figures, and performances. Tainio evades all boxes and definitions, but feels most at home when working on puppetry for adults. In her art, Maiju invites herself and others to make a conscious effort to play and question familiar boundaries.


Aura of Puppets