Alcohol, bottles, and own snacks

Alcohol, bottles, and own snacks

Bringing alcohol into the festival area is prohibited. This also applies to non-alcoholic beer, cider, and similar beverages, which are difficult to distinguish from alcoholic versions at a glance. The festival area has wine and champagne bars and several licensed areas that sell beer, cider, long drinks and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. These areas are licensed to serve alcohol. The age limit of the licensed areas is 18 years. Please bring your official ID with you.

Own bottles

You may bring one non-alcoholic drinking bottle, can, or cardboard drink carton into the area. Please only bring one beverage with you. The beverage must be unopened, and the maximum size is 0.5 liters. If you bring a drink in a bottle, it must be a colorless, fully transparent plastic bottle. The purpose of this restriction is to help us perform security checks faster.

In addition to an unopened beverage, you may bring one opened, empty drinking bottle into the area as long as it’s not made of glass. But please don’t bring empty bottles of alcohol into the area due to the festival’s deposit system. Otherwise, your empty bottle can be any color and size. The festival area has multiple water stations where you can refill your bottle throughout the weekend.

E-cigarette liquids may only be brought into the area in unopened packages, the contents of which can be easily identified.

Own snacks

You may pack and bring your own snacks to the festival as long as you leave your glass and metal dishes at home. You may not bring sharp cutlery into the area. Also, please remember that lighting an open fire in the festival area is prohibited.