50th Ruisrock works on behalf of equality and the environment

The 50th Ruisrock is looking toward the future. The festival wishes to promote equality, improve its accessibility, and make sure that the 100th Ruisrock can also eventually be held in the natural beauty of Ruissalo.

Ruisrock Involved in Creating a New Event for Young People

Ruisrock itself was originally born from a youth initiative and continues to help build a better future for young people. The Lähiöhäppeninki event started as a joint effort between youth organization Projekti Radikaali, Me-talo (We-house) of the Fingerroos Foundation, and Ruisrock, and was held for the first time on 11 May 2019 in Pansio, Turku. Organized by a group of about twenty young people, Lähiöhäppeninki was an event by young people for young people and aimed to promote a sense of communality between young people by doing things together.

“The event was a great success, but more importantly, it was genuinely created by young people for young people,” comments host of Me-talo in Pansio Miika Neulaniemi.

Accessibility of the Area Developed with Experts by Experience

Ruisrock wants to guarantee that all festival guests are treated safely and equally, and aims to improve the accessibility of the event year by year. Development of accessibility began at Ruisrock in 2011 with the help of experts from the Threshold Association (Kynnys ry) of Turku, and this year, the festival is inviting experts by experience from the Finnish Association of the Deaf (Kuurojen Liitto), the Finnish Federation of Hard of Hearing (Kuuloliitto), and the Finnish Federation of the Visually Impaired (Näkövammaisten liitto) to experience the event. New improvements to accessibility include, for example, adding more lowered bar counters.

Cooperation of Ruisrock and UNICEF Finland Emphasizes the Importance of Clean Water

All the festivalgoers will have access to clean water, but there is still room for improvement around the world: dirty water kills more children than war.

The festival, with its portable toilets, is an ideal place to test a hygienic hand-washing tap that saves water and was designed for schoolchildren around the world: The Elephant Tap, a result of Finnish-Ugandan cooperation, will be brought to the festival by UNICEF Finland.

The aim of the cooperation is to reach young adults and tell them about the importance of clean water.

“Ruisrock is a great opportunity for us to remind people that UNICEF is responsible for the distribution of clean water in almost all global crises – with support from our donors,” says Communication and Marketing Director of UNICEF Finland Riikka Kämppi.

Trash Collecting Boat Sailing Off Rantalava, Green Camping Option at the Campsite

During the festival, you can also spot Roska-Roope sailing off the coast near Rantalava. Designed for cleaning surface water, the trash collecting boat is brought to the festival area by Ruisrock’s partner of many years, Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association (PSS ry). “Ruisrock is an important, natural partner for us. The event allows us to encourage new target groups to prevent marine littering and to take concrete steps to protect the waterways by keeping the shores tidy during the festival,” says Communications Officer Veera Säilä from PSS ry. In return, Ruisrock takes part in the Association’s Siisti Biitsi cleaning campaign every year.

The environmental theme can also be seen outside the festival area: the Artukainen Camping campsite will include a separate Green Camping area where visitors who sort their waste according to the instructions will receive a refund of part of their camping pitch fee. The recycling efforts of the festival are developed constantly, and one of the plans is to increase the share of reused material of the recycled waste produced at the festival from a quarter to one third in the upcoming years.