Antti Tuisku to end his career at Ruisrock

The very last live show of Antti Tuisku's career can be seen at Ruisrock in Turku, 7–9 July 2023. The legendary festival provides a unique setting for the finale of his incredible career.

Antti Tuisku’s last live performance will be seen at Ruisrock festival next summer, 7–9 July 2023. After the spectacle in Ruissalo, Turku, the artist will withdraw from the stage and end his career in music for the time being. Antti Tuisku is a massive name in the Finnish music scene, and the latest examples of his talent are the iconic Bailantai shows at the Olympic Stadium. Having churned out one hit after another, the artist has made an indelible impression on Finnish pop music.

“Now that I know I’ll be leaving the stage life behind and feel new winds blowing in my life, I’ve automatically started to sum things up in my mind. One of my greatest experiences over the years has been the warm summer evenings, big festivals and audiences that simply love the world and have come there to forget the sorrows of the world with good music and company. My Ruisrock performances and the scene in front of me on stage as I look across the sea of people are etched on my retina forever. That is why it feels extremely meaningful to me to end my active career as an artist for the time being specifically on the Ruisrock stage this coming summer,” says Antti Tuisku.

The artist is known especially for his live shows, characterized not only by an intensive stage presence, but also visual elements, demanding choreographies and surprises. In July 2023, the Ruisrock audience will get to witness all this once more, in addition to many other memorable musical experiences.

Ruisrock listens to the audience

Long-established Ruisrock does intensive development work based on public feedback. Sold out in several years, the festival brought 105 000 visitors to Ruissalo last July, in addition to a large number of artists both from Finland and across the globe. More artist announcements and news about next July’s festival will be made later this fall and winter.

“It’s a great honour that Antti Tuisku wants to end his career specifically at Ruisrock, and it sure feels good to announce the first news for the summer of 2023! Next year’s festival looks like it will be even more spectacular than before, and we’re already planning it at full speed. Thanks to the visitor feedback we’ve collected and the development we’ve done with the Ruisrock Jury, we now have clear outlines for creating an ever more visitor-friendly and better event. We’re 100% committed to this goal, and our audience will be able to enjoy the outcome next July,” says Ruisrock Promoter Mikko Niemelä happily.

Ruisrock will be held for the 52nd time in Ruissalo, Turku, 7–9 July 2023. Three-day tickets are now on sale at Tiketti, and the rest of the ticket types will be available soon. More artist announcements will be made later this year.